New Zealand

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Living In New Zealand

This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in New Zealand during your academic career. Your life in the country will be highly peaceful.

Studying Costs

As in every country, there are two major costs that you will incur for your studies in New Zealand. Not only are these the educational fees of your program.

About New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most scenic countries on the planet. It consists of two islands (North Island and South Island) and has a population of just over 4 million.

Test Requirements

English is the official language of New Zealand. It is mandatory to be adept at English language and obtain the minimum IELTS score as required by Universities.


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Education System

New Zealand education ranks among the finest in the world. The education system’s rationale is to empower students to think objectively and teachers encourage them.


During the course of your studies, you shall be permitted to work for up to 15 hours a week and full time during summer holidays.


All courses have one year of Honour’s programme by which you can specialize in a subject by studying for one more year.