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Living In UK

This informative page is an all-inclusive reference on how to live in UK during your academic career. As a student you’ll have the option of staying directly inside your University.

Studying Costs

Being educated in the UK is great value for investment. Degree programs are generally shorter in duration than in the USA and Australia, which means they are more affordable.

About UK

The world is getting smaller. Companies are demanding global citizens who have the intent to achieve and excel. Bookish knowledge is no longer enough – one needs to be a global citizen as well.

Test Requirements

English is the official language of UK. To get studies in UK, every student needs to have a minimum level of effectiveness in that language and prove the same to the authorities.


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Education System

UK is an amazing country to pursue your education from. The practical courses, along with global classrooms, offer high levels of employ ability.


UK has been welcoming several immigrates across diverse job types such as engineers, scientists, artists, researchers, nurses, chefs, and more.


Abroadway Immigration offers you the chance to study in leading UK Universities. There are more than 100 Universities, across various specializations that means.